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Physiotherapy in Covid-19 Recovery

Physiotherapy remains an important part of the recovery from the Covid-19 infection. Please contact your nearest physiotherapist for more information and assistance.

Click here for a list of physiotherapists within Windhoek that are working with Covid-19 patients

Click here for a list of physiotherapists available in the other regions of Namibia and working with Covid-19 patients

Please note that physiotherapists still remain available for general treatment and rehabilitation of conditions other than Covid-19
Click here to go to our interactive map of all physiotherapists available within the country

Values of the Namibian Society of Physiotherapy (NSP)

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Namibian Society of Physiotherapy takes pride in its values of:

Professionalism: demonstrating integrity and honesty; committing to an ethical, transparent, accountable and evidence-based approach in all its actions

Excellence: promoting the highest quality of physiotherapy service and being a leader in evidence-based research; developing innovative strategies and encouraging and fostering creativity in practice and leadership

Inclusiveness: consulting and collaborating with our stakeholders seeking strong collaboration with other medical professionals, Medical Aid Funds, external advisors and the public

Respect: demonstrating respect for all stakeholders and aspiring to fair, just and democratic treatment for all

Diversity: we welcome stakeholders from all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, language, age, gender or sex

Vision of the Namibian Society of Physiotherapy (NSP)

The Physiotherapy profession strives to be the preferred medical service provider in Namibia.
By providing an excellent service and through efficiency, reliability and consistency we aim to go beyond stakeholders expectations. We further aspire to be visible and available to all Namibians.

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Physiotherapy is more than just a massage, experience the difference!

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Date Posted:2019-02-05

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